The Worries

The Worries: Leo Says Goodbye


Leo has always been a very happy little boy. But when his beloved Nana dies, he feels very sad. And very worried. What if something happens to him - or his mum and dad? And what if he begins to forget Nana? Mum and Dad say Leo's feelings are normal - but they don't feel very normal to Leo.

The last thing Leo thinks he needs is a bunch of fretful furry monsters causing chaos - it's the Worries! But sometimes, Worries are good. Sometimes, they show us that our feelings might be sad and strange, but by paying attention to them, they can help us heal.

Author :

Jion Sheibani

Publisher :

Penguin Random House Children's

Language :


ISBN : 9780241572238
Year of Publication : 2023
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 110
Dimensions : 177 x 131 x 11mm
Weight : 162g