The Worries

The Worries: Shara and the Really Big Sleepover


Everyone feels worried sometimes. But what if your worries came to life and started following you around?

Shara takes her role as a big sister VERY seriously. So when her mum goes on holiday for a few days, she starts to worry. About her mum, about her little brother Keita, about school, about staying with her granddad for the first time... it's a lot!

Just before mum is due to leave, a set of funny, furry friends arrive to try and help. The Worries are back, only this time a new worry arrives to keep everything in perfect shape: Reece Sponsable.

Bossy, demanding, and a little on edge, Reece totally takes over Shara's life. Because it's up to Shara to make sure EVERYONE is okay... right?

The Truth Pixie meets Inside Out in this hilarious, highly illustrated new series, perfect for helping children gently work through their worries and concentrate on having fun.

Author :

Jion Sheibani

Publisher :

Penguin Random House Children's

Language :


ISBN : 9780241572207
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 176
Dimensions : 132 x 180 x 12mm
Weight : 222g