When We Fly

Author: Jess McGeachin
Publisher: Penguin Books

A beautiful father-daughter story celebrating love, loss, and healing, and one bird's broken wing that may prove impossible to fix.

Lucy has always been good at fixing things--the wonky mailbox, broken watches, even Dad's old binoculars. And Lucy is happy to help her dad; they share a special bond. It's just the two of them, after all. So when Lucy finds a tiny bird with a broken wing, she's sure she can fix him too--but not everything that's broken can be fixed.

A tender and loving story about loss, healing, and the special connection between fathers and daughters.

Praise for When We Fly

"The core of author-illustrator McGeachin's poignant, fantastical tale is grounded in sobering reality, as Lucy's father helps her come to terms with the knowledge that not everything is fixable, but he also teaches her that moving forward is possible with the support of loved ones."--Publishers Weekly

Author :

Jess McGeachin

Publisher :

Penguin Books

Language :


ISBN : 9780593203583
Year of Publication : 2021
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 32
Dimensions : 259 x 286 x 9mm
Weight : 461g