The Invisible People

The Invisible People: Ah Gong's Uniform

Author: Ames Chen
| Illustrator: Jayl Chen
Publisher: Graceworks

Why does Ah Gong (‘grandfather’ in Chinese) take so long to iron his uniform? Follow our friend as she learns what it means to be proud of one’s work. See how she courageously stands up for what is right, with the help of her friends.

The Invisible People series is a tribute to the people who hold very special jobs. Their work makes our world a better place. Yet, we may not treat them like they are a part of our lives. These beautifully illustrated books offer heartfelt stories that help children appreciate these unsung heroes in our society. They remind us that these workers are people who have the same needs and dreams that we do. They demonstrate how seemingly simple acts of kindness can make a world of difference, both to the workers who receive and the child who gives.

Author :

Ames Chen

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ISBN : 9789811829482
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
Dimensions : 120 × 120mm
Weight : 150g