Puzzlooies! A Solve-the-Story Puzzle Adventure Series


Snag a pencil. Sink into a silly story. Solve the puzzles and save the day!
Say goodbye to boring downtime and hello to Puzzlooies!, the latest in portable entertainment. Meant for kids to write in, these illustrated and compact books flip up like a reporter's notebook, making them perfect for fast fun while on the go. Each zany adventure is packed with eclectic puzzles to decipher and decode-as well as jokes, riddles, and true trivia galore that'll keep readers laughing till the very end . . . if they can reach it!

Titles Available:

  • Disaster Master
  • Don't Feed Fluffy!
  • The Last Donut
  • One of our Giant Robots is Missing
  • The Museum of Supernatural History
  • Oliver and the Infinite Unknown
  • Welcome to Escape City
  • Hamster Boy & Chameleon Girl Save the Day
  • The Worst Curse
Publisher :

Penguin Random House Children's

Language :


Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 80
Dimensions : 133 x 215 x 11mm
Weight : 122