My EQ Readers for Little Ones

My EQ Readers for Little Ones (小豆豆情绪智商系列)12 Titles


The Learning Chinese With Fun EQ reader series helps children to understand and express their own feelings, learn to take care of others and build their own confidence. Included in the text is a "Words to Parents and Teachers" section, which analyzes children's psychological characteristics. It also provides effective teaching methods and activities designed to help children raise their EQ and develop an optimistic, positive view of life. The books are illustrated with colorful paintings and are written in simple language using large fonts and includes a "Baby Let's Read" section, which provides the pinyin of the tex


Book Titles:

I Want To Play With You 我想跟你玩
That's Okay 没关系
Hello Little Sister 妹妹你好
Mom Is Going To Work 妈妈去上班
Kitten Is Crying 小猫哭了
Happiness 高兴
Our Tiny Hands 我们的小小手
I Am Not Afraid Of Needle 我不怕打针
I Love... 我爱……
Don't Be Shy 不要害羞
Don't Be Mad 不做“生气球”
I Am Staying By Your Side 我陪着你

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Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd

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Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 16