Beany's Picture Book (小豆豆的图画书)10 Titles


This series of readers is specially written for young readers. It consists of 5 books covering themes based on real-life contexts. The readers provide texts with Hanyu Pinyin and teaching tips to facilitate teaching by teachers while engaging children through interesting storylines with colourful illustrations.

本系列是专门为幼儿设定的一物读套。一共有五本书。每个主题都和幼儿的生活息息相关。书本的图画 生动、有趣,文字简短、易明,容易吸引小孩子的注意。每本书后面都附上了全文汉语拼音以及导读,供家长与老师们参考。

Publisher :

Marshall Cavendish Education Pte Ltd

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Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 24