Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma

Amazing Ash & Superhero Ah Ma: End of An Era (Book 3)

Author: Melanie Lee
| Illustrator: Arif Rafhan
Publisher: Difference Engine

For 12-year-old Ash, change seems an inevitable, and sometimes unpleasant, constant. Her superpowers come and go, rumours are spreading about Team ASH’s missions, and Ah Ma’s worsening dementia affects her memory and behaviour. Thankfully, the Good Ol’ Days daycare centre in their neighbourhood offers seniors a safe environment and fun activities to keep them engaged on weekdays.

But when its future is suddenly threatened by a mysterious, rich couple with plans to turn it into a luxury spa retreat, Team ASH must quickly intervene to save Good Ol’ Days. As they reunite in the final instalment of this heartwarming trilogy for what may be their final — and most high-stakes — mission yet, they learn that change may not be easy, but that care and community can make the journey a little less lonely.


• A heartfelt story that captures the emotional highs and lows of growing tweens, ageing superheroes, and new life stages.

• A well-rounded portrayal of relationships between grandparents and grand- children that invites conversations on active ageing, and the impact of dementia on both patients and their family members.

• Colourful illustrations that capture the energy and action of superhero hijinks.

• A fun Southeast Asian take on superheroes with region-specific apartments and neighbourhoods.

Author :

Melanie Lee

Publisher :

Difference Engine

Language :


ISBN : 9789811883996
Year of Publication : 2023
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 196
Dimensions : 148 x 210mm