What Ants Do...

What Ants Do On Stormy Days

Author: Sun Xueling
| Illustrator: Josef Lee
Part of What Ants Do...

Andi and the ants sail down the river in boats made out of leaves. They settle down in a beautiful land and make friends with the locals, the keledek (sweet potatoes).

The ants are enthralled when a flight of big white birds stop over and show them the world by flying them across continents and seas. But when a heavy downpour threatens to destroy their home and wash them away, who will come to their rescue?

Author :

Sun Xueling

Publisher :

Marshall Cavendish Children

Language :


ISBN : 9789815084122
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 32
Dimensions : 250 x 210mm