Zander's Adventures with Cicada and Ladybug

Two Saves in a Day


Have you ever felt too small to make a difference in your community? With his super ears, Zander discovers the destructive power of some insects. Teaming up with Cicada and Ladybug, he learns how every single organism, no matter how tiny, leaves an impact in the ecosystem. Together, the terrific trio tackle the invading pests before it’s too late!


Zander’s Adventures with Cicada and Ladybug is an appreciation of the wonders of creation. Our natural environment is blessed with a variety of intricately designed creatures; even the smallest insects, which are often overlooked by city dwellers, have a meaningful part to play in our ecosystems.

Fire up your imagination with Cicada, Ladybug and Zander as they embark on missions to make a positive impact on the world around them. And see that you are never too different, too young or too small to make a difference.

Author :

Joanna Ong

Publisher :


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ISBN : 9789811826665
Format : Paperback
Dimensions : 120 × 120mm
Weight : 150g