I Love My Mother Earth

Trash to Treasure

| Illustrator: Kamala M Nair
Publisher: DinoStaury
Dina and Dinku are excited to visit their cousins’ farm but when they get there, they find that the whole farm is covered with trash! Their animal friends are homeless and the plants are destroyed. How will they save the farm?


Caring for the Environment

Concept of Land Pollution


- A story

- 3 reinforcing actitvity ideas 

- Intriguing questions

- Learning on the 3 Rs

This series of books imparts the value of caring for our environment. In particular, it lays down the foundation for understanding water, air and land pollution. Amid the current climate crisis, it is imperative for children to understand the importance of nature and the implications of our collective actions early on. 

Forging connections with the environment from a young age will support children to develop a sense of accountability towards a more sustainable planet.

Author :

Amrita Shahra Sachdev

Publisher :


Language :


ISBN : 9789811476051
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 20