The Ollie Comics: Diary Of A First-Time Dad

Author: Drewscape

A first-time dad from Singapore journals about his first two and a half years of parenting. Being a comic artist, he tells his stories in the form of comics. Follow him and his wife and they experience the trials and joys of being new parents, from the day of birth, nursing, dealing with the baby’s diaper bombs, waking up at nights, and navigating a toddler’s growing independence. Rather than a how-to book, this comic book journal gives parents-to-be a peek into the future, lets experienced parents relive the discoveries, and helps those without kids understand their exhausted friends a little better.

This book started out as a regular update on social media where relatives and friends were updated on what raising a baby was like, from a dad's point of view. Every story really happened. Nothing was exagerated or made-up. When there was enough material, it made sense to collect it all into one book. Readers would often say "that happened to us too!" And that would be among one the best compliments received. 

Although it was intended parents, kids have been known to read this book from cover-to-cover in one sitting. Even getting their parents to read it to them!

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ISBN : 9789811143441
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 120