The Little Singapore Book

| Illustrator: Diane Rose Ng
Publisher: Pepperdog Press

The Little Singapore Book is the story of Singapore, written for children between 5 and 10 years old. It introduces young readers to our history and culture through simple storytelling language, vivid illustrations packed with detail, and a fresh
perspective. It promises to be an enjoyable read interweaved with plenty of discovery.

The Little Singapore Book contains five chapters. It starts with a simplified history of Singapore from the 14th century through nation building and to the present day, then on to a whirlwind tour of the historical districts of Singapore. Flitting from past to present, it reveals the fascinating origins of neighbourhoods such as Chinatown and Little India, and how they have changed. For instance, did you know that Serangoon was once cattle farmland? Or that there was a real fort that once stood at Fort Road?

This is followed by a chapter on the way we live and what Singaporeans are all about, from the rich colourful language that we call ‘Singlish’ to our collective love for food. It concludes with a final chapter of some iconic Singapore landmarks and little known facts about the country. There are also activities for kids, from walking routes to games and quizzes, and extra ‘nuggets’ of information dotted within the pages to pique the children’s interest.

The book is accompanied by a website, which is regularly uploaded with more content and material to support parents, teachers and even the little bookworms themselves.

As you look closely at the book’s illustrations, you’ll find layers of detail that tell yet more stories. You will find these tales and more fascinating facts on the website, and fresh content uploaded regularly ‘blog’ style to complement the book. Parents and educators will also find ‘teacher’s packs’ with teaching and activity ideas created for preschoolers and lower primary children, to extend the enjoyment of this book beyond its covers. So do pop in often to get the most out of The Little Singapore Book!

Author :

Joyceline See Tully,

Sim Ee Waun

Publisher :

Pepperdog Press

Language :


ISBN : 9789811831638
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 80