Take Charge: Be Money Smart In 7 Steps


Money is a means, not an end goal in life; it is a means to get you to your goals. The promise of Take Charge: Be Money Smart in 7 Steps is this: you will learn how to manage your finances well and develop your own life goals to long-lasting happiness.

Targeted at teenagers and young adults, this book is an engaging and practical resource for introducing financial literacy to our youth – a vital topic in today’s world of instant gratification, easy access to credit, false promises of riches, and even financial exploitation by internet ‘financial gurus’. 

Drawing on life experiences and professional expertise, the authors present key financial concepts and impart sensible financial advice in this fully illustrated book. 

Contents: Education and Career, Income, Expenses, Debts, Investments, Future and Happiness.

Author :

Chris Teo,

Koh N.K.

Publisher :

Marshall Cavendish Children

Language :


ISBN : 9789815009774
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 176
Dimensions : 210 x 148mm