Sydney & Taylor

Sydney & Taylor Explore The Whole Wide World (Book 1)


Best-selling author Jacqueline Davies tells the story of two unlikely friends: Sydney and Taylor, a skunk and a hedgehog who strike out to discover the great unknown, despite how afraid they are of it. Charming illustrations and a laugh-out-loud story make this chapter book perfect for fans of the Mercy Watson and Owl Diaries series.

Sydney is a skunk and Taylor is a hedgehog, but no matter how odd the pairing may seem, their friendship comes naturally. They live happily in their cozy burrow . . . until the day Taylor gets his Big Idea to go see the Whole Wide World. From mountains taller than a hundred hedgehogs, valleys wider than a thousand skunks, to the dangers that lie in the human world, Sydney and Taylor wanted to see it all. With a map and a dream, they bravely set off, soon discovering that the world is much bigger than they realized.

Author :

Jacqueline Davies

Publisher :

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Language :


ISBN : 9780358531661
Year of Publication : 2021
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 80
Dimensions : 166 x 219 x 5mm
Weight : 209g