So Much To See! So Much To Hear & Blocks Play Set

Author: Gracie Chia
| Illustrator: Lydia Yang
Publisher: Migrant x Me

Consisting of a book and a set of wooden puzzle blocks, the play set seeks to encourage parents and children alike to see and appreciate the contributions of our migrant workers, embracing their personhood; and giving ears to their state of welfare.


One Play Set includes:

  • 1 x Storybook with Activity Pages

  • 6 x Wooden Puzzle Blocks (ft. 8 x Migrant Worker Occupations)

  • 1 x Drawstring Backpack


The story “So Much to See! So Much to Hear!” is written from the perspective of a young boy, Ari. What does he see? What does he hear? Who does he meet as he goes about his week?

Find out and join him on his exciting journey of discovery!


The wooden blocks are designed with 8 characters on its sides. 

They correspond with the occupations featured in the storyline. Suggested ways to use the blocks:

  • Incorporate the blocks as figurines, while reading, to act out scenes from the storybook.

  • Stand-alone puzzle pieces.

  • Open-ended conversation starters, building awareness of the contribution migrant workers make to our society.


Environment Care:

  • Storybook is printed on recycled paper

  • Wooden blocks are made of child-safe nyatoh wood and printed with eco-friendly water-based ink

Author :

Gracie Chia

Publisher :

Migrant x Me

Language :


Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback