Show and Tell! Great Graphs and Smart Charts: An Introduction to Infographics

| Illustrator: Teresa Bellón

A visual-learning expert races up the charts and graphs math success with kid-friendly content sure to help with homework.

Want to find the most popular meal in the cafeteria? Compare town sports enrollments? Or maybe you just want to know who burps the most in your family! Learn what line graphs, bar graphs, pie charts, and pictographs are and how and when to use them to represent data.

Each project shows how to build a chart or graph and ties it all together with a creative infographic that really puts the A in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ARTS, and Mathematics). Whether used as an introductory aid or to underscore previous knowledge, the book prepares today's visually savvy children to succeed in school and life by analyzing the world around them.

Author :

Stuart J. Murphy

Publisher :

Charlesbridge Publishing

Language :


ISBN : 9781623541750
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 48
Dimensions : 279 x 205 x 6.1mm
Weight : 273g