See How They Grow

See How They Grow Farm


Let your little one follow their favourite baby animals as they grow and change!

Go on a farm adventure like no other! Along the way, you'll meet a little lamb, a darling duckling, a playful piglet, and more in this adorable introduction to animal life stages.

If there's one thing kids can't get enough of, it's baby animals. In this series of three engaging children's books, baby farm animals come to life through exquisite, crisp photography that shows the early stages of their lives.

From a helpless newborn to a confident, curious creature on the cusp of adulthood, this charming animal book captures in beautiful detail how farm animals grow and develop. Perfect for children aged 3-5 years, See How They Grow: Farm will instil a lifelong love of animals, nature and reading.

Inside this educational children's book, you'll find:

- Delightful, read-aloud text for preschoolers
- Clear photographs show the same animal at different stages in its early life
- Series of three 24-page books, each including five different young animals and how they grow up

Ready, Set, Grow!

A series of clear photographs show the same animal at several different stages in its early life. Your child can discover how a chick hatches from its egg and how a duckling's feathers turn from yellow to white. Packed with fun facts and easy-to-follow text, this nature book is ideal for reading aloud and developing your child's vocabulary.

This activity book provides lots of opportunities for parent-and-child interaction and hours of farm animal fun! It's the ultimate bedtime storybook for little animal-lovers.

Publisher :

Dorling Kindersley Limited (DK)

Language :


ISBN : 9780241467473
Year of Publication : 2021
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 24
Dimensions : 202 x 264 x 9mm
Weight : 330g