Otto Blotter, Bird Spotter

Author: Graham Carter
Publisher: Anderson Press

The Blotter family are famous bird spotters, who stay in their hide all day. All except for Otto - he'd rather go out and have big adventures. When he follows the BIGGEST footprints he's ever seen, he finds an extraordinary baby bird all on its own. Otto's new friend soon reveals a very special ability: camouflage! But the bird keeps growing and growing, and Otto begins to suspect it may have a family after all... perhaps the time has come to take him home?

Keen-eyed readers may spot the bird's giant family hidden on the pages, if they're good enough bird spotters!

Author :

Graham Carter

Publisher :

Anderson Press

Language :


ISBN : 9781783447459
Year of Publication : 2019
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 40
Dimensions : 260 x 270 x 5mm
Weight : 485g