Terra Babies At Home

My First Book of House Pets

Illustrator: Åsa Gilland
Publisher: Duo Press

My First Book of House Pets is a beautiful introduction to the world of furry, fluffy, and all-around adorable pets for babies and toddlers. Like other titles in the earth-friendly series Terra Babies at Home, this book helps tots develop a connection with the natural world and is made with FSC materials and nontoxic inks.

Simple and quirky text pairs with charming art by Åsa Gilland in this book where animal lovers will learn about house pets in a friendly and easy way while being introduced to basic concepts of animal care and the environment.

"Cats purr to communicate. They purr when they are happy," we read. "Dogs love to play, and you can teach them tricks." Readers will learn to make a fish face, that hamsters are lively friends, and that lizards have cool names. And that's not all: The book shows readers how to pick a pet from a local shelter and the importance of keeping a pet healthy and giving it tons of love!

Publisher :

Duo Press

Language :


ISBN : 9781955834469
Year of Publication : 2023
Format : Board Book
No. of Pages : 22
Dimensions : 178 x 178 x 14mm
Weight : 318g