My Father Is A Polar Bear

| Illustrator: Felicita Sala
Publisher: Walker Books

“Look at the polar bears,” said Terry. “You see that one on the left, the fatter one? That’s our dad – our real dad. But you’re not to tell."

Drawing on Michael Morpurgo's own childhood experience of first seeing his real father on television, My Father Is a Polar Bear tells the story of two young brothers rediscovering their birth father in the most unlikely of places – and in an entirely unexpected guise! A warm and delightful tale of family bonds and love told by a master storyteller and beautifully illustrated by a talented new artist.

Author :

Michael Morpurgo

Publisher :

Walker Books

Language :


ISBN : 9781529505191
Year of Publication : 2023
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 64
Dimensions : 129 x 198 x 4mm
Weight : 66g