MistBound: How to Glue back Grandpa

Author: Daryl Kho

Can a girl - armed only with stories - make her way through a land of myth, magic and monsters, to save her grandfather's shattered memories before they're forever lost?

His only cure? Memory Glue. To brew it, Alexis just needs eight ingredients: stuff like nose hair from a baku (dream-eater), sweat from a duyung (sea siren) and...

OK. Maybe some are tricky to find in local supermarkets.

To obtain them Alexis must journey to a realm where the fabled creatures from Grandpa's folktales are alive in the flesh (and often flesh-eating).

At least she'll have fun company: the nasty kenit (forest imp) who'd cast the horrible spell on Grandpa, and her no-nonsense Grandma, who harbours a secret that'll change Alexis' life forever.

Piece of cake, right?

Oh, there's also a deadline.

Can Grandpa be saved before he's forever lost to the mists within his mind?

Based on a true story.

Subjects covered:

South East Asian and Asian mythology and folklore, fairy tales, folktales
Mythical, legendary creatures
Alzheimer's Disease
Grandparents, Grandmother, Grandma, Grandfather, Grandpa

Author :

Daryl Kho

Publisher :

Penguin Random House SEA

ISBN : 9789814914963
Year of Publication : 2021
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 346
Dimensions : 131 x 199 x 24mm
Weight : 336g