Figuring Life Out

Figuring Life Out: The Adventures Of Antgelo And Friends

Author: Alex Loh
| Illustrator: Low Jun Jek

Learning about self-awareness

Antgelo and his insect friends are caught in a heavy downpour, causing their school bus to take an accidental wrong turn from the usual route home. This off-the-beaten track experience sees them fight off nasty predators as they learn to tap on their talents and band together to overcome the various challenges.

Join Antgelo and friends in this journey of self-awareness as they discover new strengths and more confidence in this adventure-of-a-lifetime together!


About the series

Figuring Life Out is a book series offering relatable stories that help children to better understand and appreciate themselves while developing positive relationships with others. From an otter going through friendship woes to a group of friends dealing with competition stress, these engaging tales introduce readers to valuable social-emotional skills* such as: Self-awareness, stress management, conflict resolution, responding to bullying and responsible decision-making. 
*These skills tie back to the core social-emotional competencies stated in the Ministry of Education's 21st Century Competencies.
Author :

Alex Loh

Publisher :

Marshall Cavendish Children

Language :


ISBN : 9789815044461
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 40
Dimensions : 216 x 135mm