Beach Feet

Author: Kiyomi Konagaya
| Illustrator: Masamitsu Saito

The story of a boy's visit to the beach, Beach Feet opens with a small boy feeling the heat of the sand and then running towards the ocean. Free and independent despite his young age and the tube around his waist, the boy gives himself over to the ocean and the pleasures to be had at water's edge. Throughout, the boy's connection to the beach through his feet--the feel of sand, shells, water--is never lost. Unusual perspectives and a pitch-perfect voice make this a standout.

Author :

Kiyomi Konagaya

Publisher :

Enchanted Lion Books

Language :


ISBN : 9781592701216
Year of Publication : 2012
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 32
Dimensions : 254 x 222 x 12.7mm
Weight : 425g