Animals Lost and Found: Stories of Extinction, Conservation and Survival


A beautiful book of extinct and endangered creatures, and a hopeful look at the future

Shine a spotlight on animal species throughout history and the ones alive today in Animals Lost and Found, through beautiful illustrations and interesting facts. Children will learn about animals lost to extinction, animals we thought we'd lost but have found, and animals that are the focus of conservation efforts all over the world.

This educational book for children aged 7+ is packed with intriguing information about extinction and the different possible causes of it. Children can learn about how natural and unnatural extinction relates to the world we live in today, in a clear and easy way.

Animals Lost and Found features:

- A very positive outlook on conservation efforts and success stories from around the world
- Focus pages on extinct and endangered animals - as well as one or two, who it turns out, never were!
- Beautiful illustrations by award-winning wildlife illustrator Jonathan Woodward
- Incredible conservation work that has been done around the world, like the reintroduction of Red Kites to Britain, and the effect the wolves had to the ecosystem of Yellowstone National Park
- A global look at success stories and what it can do for the planet

Animals Lost and Found is not just about lost species, but also teaches children the incredible work that is happening around the world to prevent any further loss of species and looks at animals saved from extinction like the Blue Iguana!

Learn the incredible stories of uncovering species thought to have been gone, reintroduction of species, and what we as humans are doing and can continue to do to help.

Author :

Jason Bittel

Publisher :

Dorling Kindersley Limited (DK)

Language :


ISBN : 9780241461372
Year of Publication : 2022
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 128
Dimensions : 238 x 288 x 19mm
Weight : 891g