A Science Storybook

A First Science Storybook: Caterpillar and Bean

Author: Martin Jenkins
| Illustrator: Hannah Tolson
Publisher: Candlewick Press

Observe the ways plants and insects interact in a gentle introduction to growing for budding scientists.

What's that wedged in a crack in the ground, small and hard and wrinkly and brown? A bean seed! Soon it develops roots and leaves. And what's that on the leaf? An egg! The egg hatches a caterpillar, and the caterpillar eats the leaves, getting bigger and bigger until it forms a chrysalis. Meanwhile, the plant is growing, too: it develops flowers, then bean pods, as it reaches up toward the sun. Side by side, plant and insect grow . . . and grow . . . and grow throughout the year, until they come full circle. This fourth book in the First Science Storybook series uses simple, clear language and colorful illustrations to inspire very young readers as they learn about life cycles.

Author :

Martin Jenkins

Publisher :

Candlewick Press

Language :


ISBN : 9781536201703
Year of Publication : 2019
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 32
Dimensions : 238 x 278 x 9mm
Weight : 380g