When Darwin Sailed the Sea: Uncover How Darwin's Revolutionary Ideas Helped Change the World

Author: David Long
| Illustrator: Sam Kalda
Publisher: Wide Eyed Editions

'A wonderful addition to any biography section for young people' - School Library Journal

Published to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the launch of the HMS Beagle, this beautifully illustrated narrative non-fiction book tells the story of Charles Darwin, and shows how his revolutionary research changed the world forever.

At the age of 22, Charles Darwin clambered up the steps of HMS Beagle armed with enough notepads to last him for several years and set sail on a journey of exploration that would change his life and how we view the entire world forever.

'The voyage of the Beagle has been by far the most important event of my life and has determined my whole career.'

From his fascination with the natural world which began at an early age, his love of collecting new specimens and keen eye for observation, to his groundbreaking theory of evolution, uncover the incredible life of Charles Darwin in this fascinating story of his life.

At the back of the book, explore a selection of the amazing species he discovered, concise profiles of some of the incredible people who helped Darwin on his path to becoming a groundbreaking scientist, a glossary of terms and a timeline of Darwin's life and career.

When Darwin Sailed the Sea is the perfect book for any child who has ever looked at the world and asked 'why'.

Author :

David Long

Publisher :

Wide Eyed Editions

Language :


ISBN : 9780711249660
Year of Publication : 2020
Format : Hardback
No. of Pages : 80
Dimensions : 235 x 290 x 15mm
Weight : 687g