Playdate Adventures

Playdate Adventures: The North Pole Picnic (Book 2)

| Illustrator: Anna Woodbine

"Guaranteed free of unicorns and princesses, it's fun, empowering fiction for 5-8 year olds." David Nicholls, author of One Day

"Every young girl should read this series!" Amanda Holden

"I love this adventure! It's made me want to save the world, just like Katy, Cassie, and Zia!" Annabel, age 6

Join best friends Katy, Cassie, and Zia on a series of amazing adventures as they work together to save the planet...

Winter has arrived, and the girls decide to cozy up with a picnic in the North Pole. But to their surprise the Arctic Queen gives them a frosty reception.

Before they can enjoy snowflake-shaped sandwiches and mountains of ice cream, they must first understand how important it is to protect the polar animals' habitat. But can they figure out how to stop the North Pole from melting?

Author :

Emma Beswetherick

Publisher :

Oneworld Publications

Language :


ISBN : 9780861541034
Year of Publication : 2021
Format : Paperback
No. of Pages : 112
Dimensions : 129 x 198 x 13mm
Weight : 108g