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Baby Medical School: Vaccines

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Publisher: Sourcebooks

Empower children with this educational vaccine book for kids so they can visit the doctor with courage and curiosity! The perfect tool to teach kids how vaccines work as people all over the world are getting their COVID vaccines to fight the Coronavirus pandemic!

Inside your body, you have a lot of little helpers that work together to keep you healthy. Vaccines are super helpers that make your immune system even stronger! But how? And with what? This baby biology book, written by experts Cara and Jon Florance, uses whimsical artwork and humorous text to create a love for science the next generation of geniuses will carry for a lifetime!

Baby Medical School: Vaccines is a wonderful doctor or nurse gift and makes a fantastic addition to other special gifts for your little one, such as science toys for toddlers, biology gifts, and doctor kits for toddlers. Gift the opportunity for your little one to learn with this doctor book for kids and help educate them about how vaccines work!

Author :

Cara Florance,

Jon Florance

Publisher :


Language :


ISBN : 9781492694007
Year of Publication : 2020
Format : Board Book
No. of Pages : 24
Dimensions : 203 x 203 x 15mm
Weight : 320g